Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Sun – Endless Love

“5 weird things/habits about yourself”{nl}{nl}I ghost myself on AIM.{nl}I like to view the source code of a webpage.{nl}I mumble to myself a lot.{nl}I laugh to myself a lot too{nl}I always put my right foot on Thuan’s bed when I use my computer.{nl}

Britney Spears – Someday I Will Understand

Half breakfast half lunch is called brunch. I wonder what half lunch half dinner is called. Speaking of dinner, I haven’t had any and it is 12:05AM right now (still debating whether I should go to bed or eat){nl}{nl}Spring break is over in a flash. I merely have the time do anything except completed a project for Grace. I like the way the design turns out. I’ll update my portfolio later this week.{nl}{nl}First day of the quarter is always fun. My schedule this time has no gap. Hopefully I’ll be able to manage all these classes. English seems like a drag, too much writing involved. Math is okay actually, I didn’t like the professor’s heavy accent. Mandarin is okay, I can tell my pronunciation is going to be off already. Geography is going to be fun, I hope.{nl}{nl}It’s my first time driving to school today. Gosh, I have developed this dirty habit of driving on/off the curbs lately. Maybe I’m not too used my car yet since my parents’ cars aren’t that wide.{nl}{nl}My uncle told me that I couldn’t drive faster than 60mph during the first 1000 miles so my engine will stay in good shape later on. And so I got on the freeway around noon today (since there is no gap in my schedule, I got out of school early). There weren’t much traffic so most of the vehicles on the road drove around 75mph and I drive at around 55mph, almost all of the cars behind me was annoyed and cut ahead.