Kelly Clarkson – Because of You

It is about time I start blogging again. School takes too much time and with my poor time management skill, I have usually had none of my homework finish during the three-day weekend.{nl}{nl}I still did not get the site recoded. However, is back online because it does not use as much resources. The thing that sucked most of the CPU was the gallery, I will think of something when I have the time, otherwise, the gallery will be down for the time being.{nl}{nl}Physics has been okay I guess. I suppose there is something for me to look forward to now ^^{nl}{nl}Here is a long list of my super busy weekend schedule.{nl}{nl}School Related{nl}{nl}Economics – Chapter 5-7{nl}Economics – Workbook 1-11{nl}Physics – Homework{nl}Arts 53B – Advance selection{nl}Arts 55B – Animated banner ads{nl}{nl}Websites Related{nl}{nl} – site revamp{nl} – new graphics{nl}Tr