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Please Read!!!{nl} will be back as soon as possible so please do not email and ask me where it is. I have to get my site reprogrammed so it will not suck up as much server resource as it is right now, sorry for the inconvenience.{nl}{nl}Lunar New Year is next week. I am so looking forward to it even my plan will pretty much the same every year, celebrating with my family. Oh well, at least that is a bit more exciting than doing homework.{nl}{nl}I have been practicing my driving skill almost everyday this weekend. My first time on the freeway was yesterday, it was a fun experience. I scared my uncle a couple times while changing lanes. My mom as always still freaks every time I drove her around, even if it is a very short five-minute trip to my grandma

Fly to the Sky feat. Boa & Kangta – I Want

I am so sleepy and tired. I have not blog here for a while. Every time I tried doing so, I ended up having nothing to say, or rather rant about.{nl}{nl}Physics is so hard. Damn it, I thought it would not be as bad since it will be repeating whatever I have learned in high school. Boy was I wrong; the variables have been changed so it took forever for me to memorize the equations. Econ on the other hand was not that exciting either. The same thing goes for Speech.{nl}{nl}I am trying my best to get back online this weekend. With the amount of work I have this week, this might take a bit longer. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Also thank you for emailing me, I appreciate it.

Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway

You are seeing this site instead of is because Aethereality has been disabled now. I have to recode my site to lower the server load. The site will be back soon, I hope. Sorry for the inconvenience, if you need to contact me, please use the email form on this site. Thank you.