Celine Dion – Beauty & The Beast

Fall quarter has officially ended on Thursday and I am stuck moping around the house for several days now. Winter vacation without my computer is meaningless. I have so many projects that I have not started. {nl}{nl}I desperately wanted to revamp Aethereality.net as well. After months of debate, I have finally moved to Dreamhost.com. I am not as dependent on panel as I thought and they do support email forwarding.{nl}{nl}Things to Do{nl}{nl}Project – Element Forums{nl}Project – A Mad Tea Party{nl}Aethereality – Site Revamp{nl}Esthetic – Artbooks Reviews{nl}Others – Behind-the-Wheel test{nl}{nl}Georgia Bold Italic is so pretty!

Natalie feat. Justin Roman – Where Are You

My computer stops working. I can’t even turn it on. Talk about bad luck and today is the last day of school too.{nl}{nl}I have been busying myself during the past few days (when my computer is still working) with the fan-fictions at soompi.com. Heck, I read too much that I actually picked up quite a few Korean phrases. Sky Blue is one of the best so far, despite others’ comments and ratings.

Shinhwa – Deep Sorrow

Procrastination runs in my blood. I have two HUGE finals tomorrow and I cannot keep my eyes away from the computer screen. It is either checking my email for more spam or scouring for more manga, artbooks, and doujinshi stationary. Speaking of spam emails, I do not know why but I am getting excessively many lately. There has been a little over 50 messages today.{nl}{nl}My Ouke no Monshou and Garasu no Kamen Festival artbooks arrived on Friday. Well, technically no since I had to drive to the post office myself to pick up the package. Driving is fun

Richie Ren – Chor Lau Hueng 2001

I am so tired. This quarter is about to end soon and I have finals to study for and heaps of paper to write. I was on school campus for 11 hours yesterday. I left the house at 9:30 AM and did not get home until 8:15 PM. And guess what, only 5 of those hours are actually for educational purposes. The rest were at the internet lab, waiting for my next class or my dad to pick me up.{nl}{nl}If the school computer were any good, I would not be so bitter. There is no Photoshop or any other useful software. I am stuck with an 800×600-screen resolution which is not very pleasing for my poor eyes, all I can do is web surfing which became utterly boring after a while.{nl}{nl}This week has been a total nightmare. Well, not really, I just stressed myself out too much. After I studied like crazy for my Astronomy exam, and all I get is a measly 82/100. In order to get an A in the class, I need to earn 99/100 on my final. Like that is going to happen >.< I have this tendency of always score high on my first exam for every science class. After that, my grade for each succeeding test would drop abruptly.{nl}{nl}Things to Do{nl}{nl}History - Homework #9{nl}English - Essay #4{nl}English - Interpreter of Maladies{nl}Astronomy - Chapter 15{nl}Astronomy - Chapter 16{nl}Astronomy - Chapter 18{nl}{nl}{nl}Pretty much everything I have to finish by Tuesday.{nl}{nl}Aethereality won two awards again at Blinding Light Web Awards. I did not I think I would again this year since there were many good entries. Moreover, I was too busy with school and other projects that my updates for Aethereality are less than frequent. Nonetheless, thank you all for your support.