Don Ho – Trai Tim Mua Dong

I will not waste more money on goods from Japan! I keep on having to pay for extremely expensive shipping cost. Urrg, I think I went broke from paying for shipping and other fee instead of the actual item itself.{nl}{nl}Thanksgiving meal (we ate at 2:00 p.m. so I cannot call that dinner) at my aunt’s house today was fun. Almost all of our family members were there. I barely eat any turkey except for some roast beef. After the meal, we went to my uncle

Puriti – If I Disappear

I just realized something; the contact form does not work at all. So please email me using the form at for the time being. My host still has not responded with a proper solution for my add-on domain problem. {nl} {nl}I cleaned out my bookcase the other day and found a couple bootlegged artbooks in my collections. Heck, the ISBN was the same for two artbooks. They are mainly parts of my conquest when I first start collecting. Bootlegged artbooks aren

Samisen Pan – Please Tell Me Why

My deepest apology, I forgot to update my domain nameserver so you’re being redirected to this page instead of Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow. Enjoy flipping through this site instead.{nl}{nl}As you can see, is back online now. Thanks to Obidasin for hosting it.{nl}{nl}I’ve just gotten around getting the database for the portfolio as well as Esthetic online. I’ll update the rest of the site later this week.

Ayumi Hamasaki – Step You is down at the moment. I can’t tell when it will be back online though. Cpanel is failing on me.{nl}{nl}My portfolio has been updated again. One new project for Nuriko has been added. Broken image links from last time were fixed as well.{nl}{nl}After two endless months, I managed to make a new design, in a pretty short amount of time too. My time management skill has improved, or so I think. Now I have to fit a couple more things in my schedule.{nl}{nl}{nl}Tonight – Chapter 6-7{nl}Tomorrow Morning – Driving Lesson & Chapter 8{nl}Tomorrow Night – English HW & Exam Review{nl}{nl}{nl}See, I have everything planned out. Let’s hope I can follow it.{nl}{nl}The Tukiji Nao’s doujinshi stationary arrived on Friday. Though I regretted after paying for them a week ago, I don’t think I feel that way anymore. The binsen, doujinshi stationary, are so pretty in real life, unlike a few of the scans found online. Now all I need to do is find something to hold them; there are a few minimal corner stubs already.{nl}{nl}I’m thinking of opening up a subsection that features these stationary soon. I have quite a few duplicates up for sales as well. But all of that will be pushed back to Winter Vacation.