Seo Jin Young – Similar Love

target=”_blank” is annoying. Especially when it is used in a gallery site and the site owner disabled right clicks. There are simply too many windows opened at the same time, causing everything to slow down. I can tolerate target=”new”, which is another windows in addition to the one I already have.{nl}{nl}Princess is getting more interesting as ever. I want the third generation to be introduced to Seung Won Han’s storyline as soon as possible but I can’t stand seeing Biyon getting all old and ugly. He’s the best looking character in Princess. As for Skadei Tor, he’s dissed by many readers as always but I like him. There is nothing more appealing to a shoujo manga than a handsome sadist.{nl}{nl}Esthetic is up and running. The current design is nice and simple in nature. I made it while working on something else at the same time. Light and neutral color tones have become my best friend lately.

Lam Nhat Tien – Mot Lan Nua Thoi

Okay, the guy who re-titled manga in Vietnamese should be shot. Stick to the original title or at least a more accurate translation. Gosh, not every single one of these titles should start with “Tieu Thu…”, “Thieu Nu…”, “Hoang Tu…”, “Cong Chua…”, “Hoa…”, or “Giac Mo…” They all sound tacky.

Unknown Artist – Unknown Song

My nose is all itchy and runny right now. I hate getting colds. Having this drowsy feeling most of the time is annoying and being forced to stuff medication down your throat doesn

Kelly Clarkson – Behind These Hazel Eyes

My portfolio has been updated once again. The popup window was removed. Even though the design for the previous portfolio page is prettier, popup window irks me to death. I still have a couple more projects to complete before school officially started so I