3 Doors Down – Here Without You

Gosh, I need new songs for my playlist. I’m actually rummaging through my old hard drive for music right now.{nl}{nl}I lost internet access for exactly seven days because I was did not want to pay for shipping. I switched ISP and assumed that all modem are created equal. Who would have thought that each DSL service require their own unique modem. If so, having the modem in same package as the instruction manual given by your ISP should be mandatory. Let

MC Sniper – BK Love

I finally have the time to finish watching Winter Sonata, a Korean drama that was out a few years back. Kim and almost everyone else raved about it so much that I got interested. It

Sharyn Maceren – In Just One Night

Change of plan, I’m not taking Japanese this quarter. Not only that, I’m dropping math as well. I don’t want to get stuck with hard teachers.{nl}{nl}My dad bought me and Thuan new cell phones on Thursday. Thuan is practically glued to it since then. I have my numbers though, such ugly combination. ‘0’ does not look good on anything except currency value.{nl}{nl}I talk Kim into driving me to Kinokuniya after class ended the other day. I picked up a copy of Kouga Yun

Delerium feat. Rani – Fallen

Gosh, I hate USPS. I hate how careless they are at handling packages. No, I hate the mailman who delivers today mail. He should be shot. Damn it! I mean, just how stupid can you get? If the package is too big for the damn mailbox, place it in the parcel lockers or somewhere else. If you have a hard time stuffing one package inside the narrow mailbox, what makes you think putting two in at the same time will allow others to retrieve them easily? {nl}{nl}I ended up having to stand next to my mail box for fifteen minutes, trying to yank out the package. Shit, thanks to their carelessness, all of the manga I ordered today were damaged. What pissed me off the most is I bought these brand new and they arrived all banged and creased. {nl}{nl}Counseling class is okay. I have to pick out my course tomorrow. I

Britney Spears – Cinderella

I went to so many places today that my body sore all over. I bought a lot of stuff though, mostly clothing since my ‘wardrobe’ is half empty. I spent so much money on manga and artbooks that I am deprived of everything else.{nl}{nl}Speaking of artbooks, I dropped by Kinokuniya today to hunt for some more. I found a copy of Kouga Yun’s Your Eyes Only. It is cheaper than most online stores right now but I didn’t want to pay for the taxes. Furthermore, I