Kim Hui Seon – No Matter How Many Times We Part

Regard the new manhwa series I introduced in my last post, Princess by Seung Won Han, it has been licensed by CPM. You can’t imagine how happy I was. I search all over for the manga but there is no sight of it at any online store. It turns out that CPM has postponed the release due to lack of sales. Gosh, I hope they will resume soon. {nl}{nl}There are plenty of beautifully drawn manhwa, yet most of the English publisher licensed the ones with attractive artworks. I was always under the impression that Korean manhwa are

Samisen Pan – Please Tell Me Why

It’s about time that I start posting again. This site seems to be updated once every full moon.{nl}{nl}I just finish reading up to volume 8 of Princess, a Korean manhwa by Han Seong Won. The artwork is simply gorgeous. It is not my usual approach but Han Seong Won is very detailed when it comes to the flourishing decorations for the buildings in her manhwa.{nl}{nl}The plot is rather impressive; it is much more intricate than other shoujo manga/manhwa I have read before. I was quite taken by it. (Speaking from someone who stay past 4 AM reading) There are plenty of couples in love and they all have a different story behind their relationship. Sigh, such a melodramatic series.{nl}{nl}Han Seong Won’s character design is astonishing and extensive at the same time. There are simply too many to list. I love Biyon; he has such nice hair and personality. {nl}{nl}{nl}My manga and artbooks lists have been updated once again. The For Sales page was completely rewritten. I found the old version utterly perplex.{nl}{nl}{nl}I’m still uncertain with what I am going to this site. Perhaps turning it into an artbook review site? As of writing, houses nothing but my personal rant.