Cecilia Cheung – Fly Me To Polaris

One new affiliate, Lucy of Nocturnal Sky, we have been affiliate since forever ^^{nl}{nl}I finished reading my 71 volumes of Ouke no Monshou. I was told that there are 71 volumes in the set. However, that is not true at all. The series is far from complete. Chieko Hasakawa and Fuumin just decided to take a little break. Speaking of Ouke no Monshou, it’s an okay series. I love the artwork though. All those bishies with flowing long hair *drool* Chieko Hasakawa’s art style gets much more beautiful as the story progress. Izumin and Carol are both more attractive looking. Menfuisu is absolutely adorable. Reading the manga in Vietnamese is too hard for me though, I wish Viz would license the series soon :]{nl}{nl}{nl}My artbooks and manga pages have been updated. I bought a couple new ones and have to say goodbye to my precious Angel Cage artbook. Oh well, I’ll pick up another copy when I have the chance. Artbooks are decently priced. I just hate paying for oversea shipping or interstate taxes. I’ve pay $158.85 for taxes and shipping alone already >.